Premium Fuel Vs Regular -

Running regular-grade fuel in a car that requires premium might sound like an easy way to shave a car's operating costs, but the short-term savings won't come close to offsetting the cost of. Premium gas gives you more miles per gallon than regular gas. Premium has special or extra detergents in it that are worth the added cost. I will void my warranty if my owner's manual calls for premium and I use regular unleaded. Using regular gas in a car designed for premium will definitely damage the engine. While some companies only go for 97 or 98 octane fuel, you can get 100 octane gas at some leading retailers - even at supermarkets - and while it will carry a 10p per litre premium over regular. Some new cars claim to require premium fuel, others recommend it and most new vehicles on the road today are perfectly happy with regular fuel with nary a hiccup. Simultaneously, we're bombarded.

Premium Vs. Regular Gas – Know The Difference Here. Primarily, you need to find out about what the vehicle manufacturer has recommended as far as fuel is concerned. We’ll call regular ‘regular’, and premium ‘premium’. To understand whether premium fuel is worth the extra money, it’s worth understanding how it works. With a petrol engine, it’s all down to the octane rating. This is a measurement indicating how much energy it takes to ignite the fuel. Premium petrol usually has a higher octane. If your car requires premium fuel, the sticker will read “Premium Unleaded Fuel Only” as well as the octane level required; some models will simply note “Premium Fuel Recommended.” Can you mix premium and regular gas? Mixing different octanes doesn’t improve your car engine’s performance.

Premium fuel has a higher octane rating — 93 in most states or 91 in California, where God hates gearheads. you can run regular fuel without much fear of damage to your engine. Fuel additives promise to keep your car in tip-top shape, but do they live up to the claim? Should you fill up with regular, premium or mid-grade gas? Are Fuel Additives Worth the Money?“Improves fuel economy by 20 percent.”That’s a pretty enticing claim. If your car recommends, but doesn't require premium gas, you'll most likely see improved performance and efficiency with higher octane fuel. But, the extra cost might not be worth it. Premium gas is usually defined as the two higher octane pumps after regular unleaded. Both cost more than regular unleaded, sometimes as much as 20 cents per gallon more. However, when it comes to premium gas vs. regular, the answer is more complex than a.

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