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The Lowland whiskey region is generally considered to include distilleries which sit south of an imaginary line running from Greenock to Perth. There are four working malt distilleries in this region and four working grain distilleries. Once the Lowlands in the south of Scotland were full of distilleries, totaling more than 250. They often worked according to the triple-distillation process. At the end of the 19th century, many distilleries switched to the production of cheap, bad alcohol. This gave Lowland whisky a bad name. Many distillers disappeared or switched to grain. Distilleries near Edinburgh. Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city, used to be the home to many Scotch Whisky distilleries. Nowadays it can only claim one distillery North British distillery and unfortunately it is not open to the public. 08.02.2020 · The highest scoring Whiskies from Lowlands. Best Lowlands Whiskies: the region, the producers and the best prices for the Whiskies.

, the new home of whisky, set in the heart of Scotland at The Green Welly Stop, purveyors of whisky since 1975. Home of over 1000 whiskies. Lowland - Distilleries. The lowlands used to be an area teaming with distilleries, but for various reasons, many economic, most have closed. At one point active lowland distilleries were down to 2 - there has been a revival from that low, but the list of closed distilleries outnumbers active ones - even limiting the list of closed distilleries to those closed recently enough for there still to be whisky available. La Maison du Whisky distributes over 2000 items including 800 exclusives, limited editions, single casks, cask strength and collector items. With over 650 international brands, la Maison du Whisky offers the largest selection online.

Lowland whiskies come from the area north of the English border, and south of a line drawn between Greenock in the west, and Dundee in the east. Traditionally they have been the source of a lot of the whisky to be used for blends, as such the style is much lighter than. A collection of Lowland single malt whisky reviews. More will be added soon! lowlandsinglemalt scotch scotchregions 🥃👍this video! ️Comment!📬 SUBSCRIBE!Do. Lowland Single Malt Whisky. Single Malt Whisky. Our range single malt whiskies are aged for a minimum of 3 years in oak casks, often ex-sherry, but also ex-port, bourbon and rum casks are also used. Previous Next. Subsections ABV Age Brand Region. 40%, 72 43%, 36 45.8%, 3 46. McClelland ´s Lowland. 2.8 6 Rate. Whisky-ID: 17350 Distillery: unknown: Country, Region: Type: Single Malt Whisky ABV: 40% Bottle size: 0.7 l Bottler: Other bottler: Post treatment: In collections: 2 Add Wish list: Add Average tasting notes Tasting Notes i Nosing Sweet.

Welcome to The Distilleries of Scotland where we have tried to provide a complete list of Scottish Distilleries. Please click on your favourite Scotch Whisky distillery or the Speyside section on the Scotland map. You can also use the A-Z list distillery list below. We have information on over 125 distilleries in the Speyside, Highland, Islay, Campbeltown, Lowland and Island regions, some of. 23.09.2012 · Join John "Whiskyman" Loftus in his homage to single malt whisky from Scotland's Lowlands region. Lowland distilleries are getting scarce, only three remain in production, yet they produce some of.

Discover Lowland single malt whisky from the home of more distillation than any other Scottish region. Discover our range of fantastic Lowland scotch today. This website requires the use of cookies. To find out more about our use of cookies, view our privacy policy. Log Out. This is a list of whisky brands arranged by country of origin and style.Whisky or whiskey is a type of distilled alcoholic beverage made from fermented grain mash.Different grains are used for different varieties, including barley, malted barley, rye, malted rye, wheat, and corn.Whisky is typically aged in wooden casks, made generally of charred white oak. This is an incomplete list of whisky distilleries in Scotland.According to the Scotch Whisky Association there were 128 distilleries licensed to produce Scotch whisky in the calendar year 2018. The Lowland region os Scotland is the most accessible but this doesn’t mean it holds any less charm than the other Scotch Whisky producing regions. The area covers the cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow, stretching up from the Borders in the east and across to Dumfries & Galloway to the west.

Within this list, there are 100 products. Choose your product and proceed to purchase! From the Scottish Lowlands, to Islay, to Speyside, to the Highlands you find all Scotland's distillery in the one place. Planet Whiskies is for whisky drinkers world-wide. Full list of Scottish malts and other whisky Brands. Read latest whisky news from the industry. Scottish Whisky Distillery A to Z listing. Whisky produseres også i land som Canada, Australia, Thailand, Spania, Sverige, Danmark, Nepal, Tyrkia, India, Pakistan, Norge, Japan osv. Kanadisk whisky bygde seg opp en sterk posisjon i USA i forbudstiden som resultat av utstrakt smugling, og har siden vært populær i USA. Dette er vanligvis den letteste og minst karakteristiske whiskyen. Choose from our range of old and rare Lowland whiskies from limited, vintage and exclusive editions to a range of different aged whiskies. Available with next day delivery. Old and Rare Whisky. The Lowland whiskies are amongst Scotland's gentlest. Lowland Whisky Samples. The Lowland whiskies are amongst Scotland's gentlest. this 18 year old bottling of triple distilled, Lowland single malt whisky boasts a superb richness for a core-range bottling and was aged in American oak casks.

  1. A to Z Scotch Whisky Brands A comprehensive alphabetical list of Scotch Whisky brands, including single malts such as Laphroaig and Macallan, blended whiskies including Ballantine's and Johnnie Walker, blended malts such as Monkey Shoulder, and grain whiskies like Haig Club.
  2. Schottischer Whisky Scotch wird zurzeit in 122 schottischen Brennereien Stand Dezember 2018 gebrannt. Es gibt darüber hinaus Hunderte weitere, die derzeit stillgelegt sind oder nicht mehr existieren. Man ordnet die Brennereien und damit die dort hergestellten Whiskys verschiedenen Regionen zu.
  3. 10.02.2020 · Lowland Whisky regions The distilleries of the Lowland region can be found picturesquely set amongst the lush, rolling countryside of southern Scotland. Reflecting the gentle, rolling hillscapes and fertile farmlands, Lowland Scotch whiskies offer the perfect introduction to single malts.
  4. The Lowland whisky region is generally considered to include distilleries which sit south of an imaginary line running from Greenock to Perth. There are four working malt distilleries in this region and four working grain distilleries.

Although whisky can be produced anywhere in the world, 'Scotch' is a protected status granted only to whisky distilled in Scotland and matured there for at least three years in oak casks. Ooit stonden de in het zuiden van Schotland gelegen Lowlands vol met distilleerderijen, in totaal meer dan 250. Die werkten vaak volgens het triple-distillproces. Eind 19e eeuw gingen veel distilleerderijen over op de productie van goedkope, slechte alcohol. Hierdoor kreeg Lowland-whisky een slechte naam.

Lowland shipping and offshore is an independent provider of ship, crew and technical management. We are one of the largest operators in the sector. The Lowlands whisky region lies south of an imaginary line drawn between the estuaries of the rivers Clyde and Tay in the southern half of Scotland. Lowlands whisky is not as famous as the Highlands malts, and the region's style is far more delicate and lighter bodied than whiskies from other parts of. No visit to Scotland is complete without a trip to a whisky distillery to experience the history,. Lowland. The lowlands offer access to pure water running from the mountains and Scotland's capital city of Edinburgh. Glenkinchie. A stone’s throw away from the capital. Highland.

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